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Yaqin CD3 buffer tube amplifier



Yaqin SD-CD3 Tube Signal Upgrade CD/VCD/DVD Buffer Processor Amp is an extremely convenient way to improve the timbre of player. Yaqin CD - 3  tube buffer is based on the 6N8P / 6SN7 tube. and is guaranteed to add the magic of tubes and a good harmonic structure tube that is easy to the ears.
The short fall
The bass definition is muffed and does not precisely portray the position of every music instruments. Most of the music comes out as a whole without any holographic effect.  It may sound warmth in the vocal, but the throaty vocal of the singer is not engaging at all.

On Demo - the amp is hook up between the 300B integrated  amp and the CD pro2 player through the 12inch full range speaker. Immediate the weakness shows up without much listening. Somehow, there seems to be lack of power & control in the music. In scale of 5 as the highest grade,  it score 2.5.

Next comes the modification, replacing all the capacitors to Mundorf and all the signal input /output wires using the 7N UPOCC silver solid core. I would say that the improvement is at least 40% better, retraining the 6SN7 warm signature portraying better imaging. the micro inner details are so much better in a darker background. String energy is energize with better control. Overall the customer is satisfied. 

On further improvement, the CV181 treasure tube or RCA 6SN7 is the choice of tube to explore.

The next change.................... ,
A week later after changing the Mundorf caps,
Tube Roll to CV181Z treasure

Now they you replace the stock tube to CV181Z treasure, bring you to the next level of enjoyment.
your comment after few hours listening- very natural smooth and wide sound staging. Highly addictive though bass a bit loose. For sure, it take 50hrs to run in the cheery pick treasure tubes

The Top Grade Silver Gold Oil Capacitors Change ? Why do that since you have been enjoying the Upgraded amp
using the silver oil Capacitors.  Well one of his friend , I die hard fan of Mundorf  product, looking for the silver oil. Since
he wanted to maximise the performamce of the amp, I give it a try for SGO. 
Confidently , I told him, it's a wise choice of caps that goes into this amp




Audiospace 845 Mono Block Power Amplifier


The amplifier SET845 sound powerful to match up the ATC speaker. The compliant come when one of it's channel down with a blown Jensen oil capacitors. (Oil leak).  He was unhappy with the sonic characteristics being that the highs is not refine and overwhelm the mid and the bass. , even though he has roll many driver tubes ,the  2 X 6SN7.

We did not capture the amplifier picture before the mod but then at least took pictures after the mod to share. The change of capacitor are entirely Mundorf as we find them more natural with a smoother extension on the top octave. Total 5 caps were used, 4 of which are Silver Gold and a Supreme capacitors. The largest value is a 8.2uf supreme. coupling from 300B to the 845 tube. Being cost conscience, the decision was not to go for the SGO Silver Gold Oil.

Silver Gold has the lush sound so it complement the 300B driver. The 300B always has a beauty in the mid and sweet highs. so to retain a richer bodied character, we go for silver gold. It take 3 hs to complete the mod cause the layout of the components make it difficult to access to the soldering of the capacitors.  It's late night
time to go home but just not yet, need to listen and at least get the feedback of the customer

JOB DONE . Time to fire up the system

CD player (Shanling)
Audio space 300B preamp
Audios space 845
ATC Speaker

WOW ! chance to listen to the 20K setup


The tonal and frequency response is not truncated / skew towards the highs. tonally more balance. Play some Piano piece, more organic sounding with a better harmonic decay structure. 
Overall he enjoy the music, at least playing more CD rather than always being selective of the CD that has less highs extension.

The rest of his Home work
Tube rolling  - 845B, 845M, 845T ( settle with 845T PASVANE) and never ends here.

Surprisingly a fine 845 tube, its hard to believe that the internal construction is so similar to the old 845A Shuguang. YET, sound so much better, the new 845T has all the good advantages of the 845b and 845c.
It's like upgrading from a $2000 amp to a $4000 amp... overall sound improvement from top to bottom.
Just only after 5hs burn in time) 

Triangle Speaker Crossover

The customer wanted a better resolution & bass control in the triangle speaker.

Upon taking out the speaker ,the crossover uses the BP cap for the bass crossover, 5% tolerance. The tweeter capacitors are polypropylene under their own Triangle label. The XO comprises of 2 layer the lower deck is a bass crossover with a Bi-polar cap. The top deck is for the Tweeter.

Mundorf MKP series. Chosen for it's speed and dynamics, great for the bass. Original Blue multi-stranded wires change to 7N UPOCC copper (12AWG)

The tweeter XO are Mnudorf supreme, M cap & silver oil. chosen for it's clarity and smoothest. The wires are 7N UPOCC 18AWG silver for the positive, 14AWG copper for the negative. All resistors upgraded
to Mundorf 10watts.
The final operation of the XO, It's a ugly random stacking block,. doesn't looks nice at all. But the sound improvement justify for the effort and money worth.

Purchase of above USD$100 , we offer shipping discount
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