Line Magnetic 211IA

Additional Information

Tube complement

2 X 12AX7, 2 X 12AU7, 4 X EL34


15W + 15W (RMS Triode operation)
32W + 32W (RMS Ultralinear operation)

Frequency response

10Hz – 50Hz (-1.5db)

Input impedance

100 ohms

Output impedance

4 ohms, 8 ohms

2 reviews for Line Magnetic 211IA

  1. :

    Drumming and particularly the metal brushes striking and caressing the cymbals sounded amazing on the Ryan Adams and Kings Of Leon tracks. There was a great sense of perspective with the performers firmly placed in position, from well behind the speakers and out in front and there was a clear distinction between Adams’ and the female backing vocalist’s voices – both of which sounded superbly clear. 
  2. :

    Very quiet in terms of noise floor, which could well account for the great sense of transparency and tonal quality I experienced. It presented a nice big soundstage with great depth of field in which performers occupied their own space.

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