Line magnetic 216IA(Push Pull)

Additional Information

Tube Complement

2 X 12AX7,2 X 2BH7 tubes in the preamplification stage
4 X KT88 tubes for the push-pull amplification stage


22W + 22W(RMS Triode Operation)
38W + 38W(RMS Ultralinear operation)

Frequency response

10Hz – 50kHz (-1.5db)

Input Impedence

100 ohms


14.5”W x 8”H x 13”D 

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  1. :

    Smoky voice of Melody Gardot singing “If the Stars Were Mine,” from her My One and Only Thrill (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, Verve/Qobuz). The 216IA portrayed the sultry Gardot with all the authenticity and three-dimensionality of a real human voice. The reproduction of her voice was pristine, with no hint of grain or sibilance, and sounded smooth and lush. The densely orchestrated arrangement of “Mother Father,” from the Dave Matthews Band’s Everyday (CD, RCA 67988-2), was depicted cleanly, with excellent separation of instruments, adequate air and openness, and no congestion. The soundstage itself was quite expansive, its dynamic envelope stretching significantly across and behind the speakers’ positions and with height that extended at least 3’ to 4’ above the loudspeakers

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