Line Magnetic 218IA

  • Stereo Amplifier with 845 output power tubes.
  • All triode tube Integrated with 12AX7 input tubes for voltage amplification, 6L6 driver tubes and 845 output tubes. Driver tubes 6L6 can also be replaced by EL34, KT88, 6550,or 6V6 and you can select which tubes you prefer judging by different sounds.
  • 4 pairs of inputs and speaker terminals for 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers are located on the back panel.
    User bias control has been used for bias adjustment and one meter has been added to the front plate to allow you to monitor bias with ease.
  • Specially designed toroidal transformers for power supply and two EI output transformers withwide bandwidth are applied.
  • Japanese Audio grade ALPS volume potentiometer.
  • Standard with remote control.
  • Hand made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.
  • SoftStart and time-delay circuit. (30 seconds)

Additional Information

Tube Complement

12AX7 x 2, 6L6EH x 2, 211(845) x 2

Net weight


Power Consumption

Twenty-two watts per channel, Single Ended Triode design, Pure Class A Integrated

Power output

22W + 22

Frequency response

10Hz – 50kHz -1.5dB


1% 1kHz

S/N Ratio


Input Sensitivity


Input Impedance


Output Impedance

4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω

(W x D x H)

380 x 400 x 275 mm3

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  1. :

    “This amp has all the SET magic and exceeds where many SETS fail. It gets the frequency extremes right. If your speakers and room are capable, the upper frequencies come alive and the bass is realistic. The 3-D imagery is breathtaking. This amp delivers so much more than SET amps costing considerably more.”

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