Line Magnetic 518IA


  • Remote control
  • Integrated amp that can be use as stand alone power amp.

Features In the Singapore Version (SG Edition)

  • European Components for the power supply (It’s not the same that you can buy directly from China)
  • Vishay Resistor
  • Vishay Capacitors
  • Kiwame Resistors
  • Mundorf Oil Coupling Capacitors etc
  • Mundorf Power Capacitors
  • Free pair of KT66 upgrade tubes for the 845 drivers

The sonic improvement is more that 30% compare to the stock ones. Background is even darker.

Additional Information

Tube complement

2 X 845, 2 X 6L6,1 X 5AR4,2 X 12AX7

Output power

22W + 22W


1% (1kHz)



Input Impedance


Output impedance

4, 8, 16ohms

2 reviews for Line Magnetic 518IA

  1. :

    After 20hrs run in over the weekend but already sound so blissful Details retrieval , pronunciation and depth have improved significantly. An excellent amp for my Kudos super 10.
  2. :

    Usually, the sound of the KEF LS50s has a damped, almost metallic thickness or membrane-like quality, a hesitance or squeezed-hose restriction of musical flow, that very slightly constricts the dynamic range. It's almost imperceptible, but mediocre amps can't penetrate or eradicate it. The LM-518IA's aforementioned vital energy seemed to unhesitatingly penetrate this constraint

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