Klei gpower2

Klei gPower2 AC Cable


  • More/amazingly revealing Harmonic texture.
  • Voices are presented very/extremely naturally and with a lovely and revealing harmonic texture but with a full, real, natural, and organic character.
  • It is really eerie and wonderful at the same time, but the music is being presented with a really natural flow and easiness of presentation.
  • Acoustic instruments, such as piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, etc, are also presented with a full, real, natural, and organic character.
  • The stage is very open with excellent off axis resolution/presentation, very deep and giving a more 3D/Holographic presentation. People speak of a black ground but the KLEI™gPOWER2 AC appears to deliver a stage that is beyond black, in that is the harmonics are projected with an airy and beautiful presentation while the movement of the performer remains accurate and concise within the stage, certainly an outstanding achievement. The amazing aspect is that while the stage is ethereal it feels and appears real, which is quite an achievement.
  • The Rhythm and Timing (PRaT) sounds neither fast or slow, giving a feeling of accuracy and rightness.
  • The natural timber is outstanding with a realness and fullness that is emotionally engaging and involving.
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Product Description

Price listed is for 1 metre.

1.5m – $570


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