German High End Speaker Cable

(pure poly crystalline 4-5N Silver)

(extremely long-grain 4-5N Silver)

Product Description

Cable Physics:

  • The conductors are parallel, polished 0.75mm respectively 1mm solid-core polycrystalline, that is, long-crystalline 4- 5N-pure silver. This material construction provides the lowest-possible distortion and phase shifts yet allowing for very high signal conductance.
  • Due to the defined distance between the parallel conductors, cross talk and induction-induced problems are minimised.
  • As dielectric we chose high quality Polyethylenterephthalat (PET) for its excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. The largest portion of the conductor (about 80% to 85%), is surrounded by air, in itself the best dielectric.
  • Due to the structural mechanical design there is low dielectric absorption so signal modulation is effectively kept to a minimum.
  • Cable confection incorporates special silver-enhanced high quality soldier.


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