AudioByte BlackDragon


  • USB receptacle, typeB, high-speed
  • S/PDIF coaxial, 75 ohms
  • AES/EBU, 110 ohms
  • Toslink
  • I2S/DSD over HDMI (LVDS)


  • Single Ended, 10Vpp max.
  • Balanced, 20Vpp max.
  • Headphone output max. 800 mW / 32 ohm
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Product Description

  • Dedicated hardware units are built inside a FPGA-chip to form together a powerful and custom front-end to the dac chips. This include digital receivers sampling input signals at 500 MHz , the clock system able to reduce timing errors to sub-picosecond level, the powerful digital filter made with 15 DSPs, the user interface.
  • Femtovox clock system
  • (2 x AK4396) is a perfect complement to the digital input stage. Each dac chip is processing one channel in fully balanced mode which leads to better analog performance and noise rejection.
  • True balanced, zero-feedback class A output stage / headphone amplifier section will drive without problems from low to high impedance headphones.
  • All power supplies inside are linear type. There are a total of 11 linear stabiliser IC’s, 8 of them are low noise. The total filtering capacity exceeds 50.000 uF. The power supply is serviced by 2 separate toroidal transformers.
  • The Black Dragon can be updated in the field by easily playing a special update track via the USB input. Any firmware updates will be available under the download section.

Additional Information

Power consumption (max)

35 W


240 x 300 x 90 mm


aprox. 4.5 kg


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