Rockna Wavedream DAC

  • All building blocks of the Wavedream DAC concernig digital processing are built entirely on a single piece of programmable silicon – a FPGA
  • With a FPGA, it’s internal hardware architecture could be described by a piece of software (actually, a very complex one). When upgrading the Wavedream with new firmware, you actuallychange it’s hardware. This system allows great flexibility, obsolescence protection and let us improve the sound of your dac by changing it’s internal architecture, or add new cool features, or improve the existing ones.
  • Femtovox Clock System (300 fS) that that assures that only extremely small amount of jitter is present at the dac conversion clock input.  The clocking system is at the heart of a good DAC. What is music without timing? The better the clocking system the more precise the sound will be.
  • Transformer section is internally shielded to prevent internal EMI leakage
  • Dedicated sections for digital and analog areas. 3 separate transformers, and all power supplies are low noise linear – no switchmode power supplies are used
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Product Description

The Rockna Signature Wavedream DAC[With Rockna’s own RD0s dac modules] is also available for demo. Kindly enquire.

Additional Information


24bit 44.1-192k PCM , DoP DSD64


24bit 44.1-192k PCM, DoP DSD64


32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-256

HD Link1 (LVDS)

32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-256

HD Link2 (LVDS)

32bit 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-256

2 reviews for Rockna Wavedream DAC

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    “Crystal clear guitars with excellent pluck attack, detail and extension. Then the bass struck me with full power. Just how I like it : fast, deep and detailed with exploding impact. The details attacks you from every direction, coming out of a deep, black background.”
  2. :

    “Wavedream transposes you in your favourite concert hall or it opens the window directly into your music and helps you lose yourself into your favourite songs.”

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