Elrog 211

  • Thoriated tungsten filaments are used
  • These operate at temperatures around 2000º Celsius and have a bright yellow-white glow
  • Constructed like that of historic tubes
  • Graphite plates which are milled from a solid block exhibiting an improved plate dissipation rating of 80W allows higher output powers up to 25W in single ended amplifiers.
  • Dark area in the middle of the tubes is a graphite coating. Through this it is possible to make an electric contact to the getter.
  • Getter is a metallic compound, usually some barium alloys, which absorbs gas molecules.
  • Getter is not electrically floating as in other tubes.
  • Getter is connected to the plate through springs at the sides of the electrode system. These also provide mechanical stability.
  • Directly heated transmitting triode. Exhibiting very good linearity

Product Description

Former Telefunken employee who is still producing vacuum tubes up to this day. Dr. Klaus Schaffernicht, who founded the company ELROG 1986 in Lüneburg and moved to the city Lübtheen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Schaffernicht probably is the last manufacturer of audio tubes in Germany. The production of vacuum tubes is not a trivial matter. Unfortunately the know how needed for that is mostly lost. Tube enthusiasts suffered from this when they retubed their beloved equipment with cheaply produced tubes from far east. Therefore the audio scene is lucky to have a company like ELROG which does not the necessary know how only but the production equipment also. Now tubes can be produced again with the quality and performance of the old Telefunken types. When Schaffernicht decided to make audio tubes it was clear to him that he would not just build mere copies of the old General Electric or RCA types.


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