Aurealis Balanced Isolation Transformer

  • 2kv Custom Wound Balanced isolation transformer with acoustic dampening materials to isolate transformer completely from chassis
  • Six USA Oyaide R0/R1 RC Sockets from Japan
  • Pre-filter module from Japan, delivering clean and uninterruptible power supply
  • Cyrogenic treated Ohno Continuous Cast(OCC) Copper Internal Wiring
  • Unique independent grounding technique
  • Voltage surge component sourced from USA


Product Description

Often, the performance of our precious equipment is hindered by the power we supply to it. The AC power in our homes can only be described in one word, “dirty”. The best scenario of course, is to have a perfect sine wave where our equipment’s are given the rightful power to shine. Dirty AC power leads to a reduction in clarity, noise leakages, it somewhats creates a “haze”, not enabling a system to image properly.

The Aurealis BIT seeks to reduce both common mode noise and differential noise to negligible levels and yet maintain musicality, deep thunderous bass, and most importantly, naturalness.

Using the Aurealis BIT, u’ll find that the treble is more articulated, full of energy, bass texture is better defined and extended, mid voicing is more accurate and organic. The quietness allows micro details to emerge from the black background. Don’t be surprised if you start re-listening to the many records, cds and digital files as it would be a whole new experience altogether.


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