X Bulk(Silver)

X Bulk is an essential addition to top class audio systems: integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers and preamplifiers, as well as power strips and CD and DAC sound sources. It is its job to divert the parasitic EMI/RFI out of the above-mentioned devices and emit it in the form of heat. While using and testing many conditioners of this type, we realized that their impact was easy to spot, but it did not work the way we thought it should have.


Product Description

Passive device that would work as effectively as possible, without interfering with the sound produced by the audio devices, while unlocking their full potential by effectively eliminating the interference that affected their performance.
X Bulk connects directly to the mass – enclosure of the equipment or to the mass of negative speaker terminal of the amplifier, the RCA socket, coaxial or XLR. If you use it with a power distributor or power conditioner, you connect it to a free socket . The ending of the connecting cable is agreed upon with the customer.
 The construction of X Bulk uses the EMI/RFI-suppressing modules that we designed based on our Technology X. The modules are frozen in nitrogen, using a process developed specifically for them. The conductor we use is cryogenized silver (analytical purity: 4N). The enclosure is made of exotic merbau wood.
X Bulk is not an earthing, neither an “artificial” mass.

2 reviews for X Bulk(Silver)

  1. 5 out of 5


    "The filters transform the signal as if we were switching from mp3 format to CD. The sound becomes richer, deeper, denser and more fleshed out. [...] These filters do something that is difficult to achieve with basic elements of the system, as to achieve such improvements we would have to pay a few times more for each of them. And yet, I can't stress that enough, X Bulk won't make a lousy amplifier or poor CD Player sounding great – don't ever think, that any accessory could do that. You need good quality elements in your system and these filters can enhance their performance to the extent beyond expectations."
  2. 5 out of 5


    "There is no doubt it works. Hell knows where those interfering charges and waves drown out, but it works.[...] I believe, with a conditioner, the Accuphase DP-700 player gained so much, that buying X Bulk for it will be a good choice, especially for someone very sensitive to quality."

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