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The fuses we offer are made from ceramics. They are produced strictly according to our specification. Unlike many products on the market, the contacts are not nickel-coated. The contacts in Verictum – X Fuse are coated with pure silver, to provide the best conduction. Each of them is hand-polished, to maximize the contact surface with the socket and to minimize losses. The fuses are also frozen in nitrogen for many hours, in a multiphase process. The process is conducted in laboratory conditions and controlled by computer. Cryogenization stabilizes crystal structure of the conductor, which significantly improves its electric parameters and the sound. The final step of the production consists of hand-wrapping each fuse in a properly prepared material. It is very effective in suppressing vibration and isolating the fuse. It also reduces the impact of a specific spectrum of negative external factors.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    The biggest advantage of X–Fuse is its saturated, hot timbre. It would seem that such tuning might produce an effect of excessive stickiness and a certain unification, problems with differentiating the timbre of each instrument. However, I noticed no such thing. I believe the X–Fuse set to be a winner when it comes to representing the timbre of piano without any vitreousness. I must admit that last time I heard the piano sounding like this was only on the Transrotor La Roccia turntable, which is the best recommendation for X–Fuse one can give. Apart from the timbre, the smoothness of the sound was referential across the whole bandwidth range. [...] X–Fuse is the best fuse I have ever known. It's possible that what affected my evaluation was the sonic signature of the ARC system, where every piece of warmth is priceless. However, I believe that in most aspects, X–Fuse is at least equally good, if not better than my former recommendation, HiFi Tuning Supreme. In the aspects related to reproducing timbre and a subjectively defined musicality X-Fuse is significantly superior. I believe it to be the next BEST BUY.

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